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Dow Jones Closes Over 36,000

Hello Again - I can’t help but send out one more note this week.  Let’s look at this chart below (If you cannot see the charts, then try right clicking and choosing “show pictures”). This chart shows the price of the Dow Jones Industrial Average (The Dow), all the way from the lows way back in 2009, through today 12/1/23.  

It’s finally happening.  In my humble opinion the bull market is back!! Just look at the resilience of the US stock market.  All those scary flash points that I have highlighted below, and yet once again, The Dow is headed back toward the old highs near 37,000.

So where are we now?  Well, I fought and argued that the bull market never really went away, but nonetheless, it shook everyone hard several times in the last 23 months, even causing some missteps at times.  In the end, if I can use a baseball analogy to express my view, I would describe it this way:  If this was a baseball game that started in 2009, then we are currently in the top of the 4th inning with one out!  LOL, I can hear it from here.  But yes, that’s where I think we are.  And in this game, the sweet spot is innings 4,5,&6.  That’s when some of the biggest and fastest moves up can take place. We are in that zone now.

If you have some long-term money on the sidelines, then it should be put to work, and we can help.  There are good stocks and sectors that have not really moved much yet and are bound to play catch up.  Sectors like healthcare, utilities, consumer staples, and agriculture just to name a few.

How high will it go?  Of course God only knows, and I could be completely wrong about all of this.  But I’ll say this.  So far it seems to be tracking quite well, and if this continues, then my very imperfect crystal ball suggests the next big target for the Dow is 50,000.  And by no means is that the end of the game.

Whether you are young, middle aged or in retirement, what I see happening can have an impact on all of us one way or another.  Feel free to call me to discuss the possibilities and visit about various strategies based on your time horizons.  We have built out more capacity here now and are currently open to new clients.

Thank you for all your patience and best regards,


Note: The Dow Jones Industrial Average is a popular stock index consisting of 30 large US stocks