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Michael Traxler Wealth Management, LLC

New Employee

Hello Everyone - I would like to introduce to you our new hire Carin Rezac. She joined us recently in an  administrative and client services role.  She brings with several years of this type of experience and has some banking experience as well.  She is in training now with Ted, as well as with the rest of us, but will be actively involved rather quickly. We welcome Carin to the Wealth Management Team and look forward to her assistance in serving all of our clients more effectively.

The goal here is to get Carin up and running in the Office Administrator/Client Services role in an effort to give our three advisors (myself, Ernie, and Ted) more direct time with our clients. I encourage you to introduce yourself and say hello to Carin when you can to help make her feel at home.  She can be reached at, or at our main extension 952-758-8060. This is a big job to learn and this transition will take some time.

Thank you,