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Another Big Day Up!

The Dow Jones Industrial Average was up 428 points today as the upward trend continues.  This is the big story for long-term retirement investors folks!  If you stopped buying in 2022, then it’s time to start again.  Fund your IRAs and your Roth accts now. Put long-term money to work now. I expect this trend to just keep on keepin on.

I used to talk a lot about the millennial baby boom and how they would be forming their own households.  This is happening now.  There is not enough homes to go around and young couples need a place of their own.  Under the hood, housing demand remains strong.  This will spur the economy.  Add to that the new AI revolution that is sweeping the country and watch corporate profits grow. Oh, and the Fed paused raising rates yesterday for the first time in over a year because inflation seems to of tamed.  What’s next?  The war ends perhaps?  We shall see.

And all the talking heads (so called experts) on TV that told us how bad it was going to get.  It’s not playing out that way is it?  Forget them.  My advice is this: get a plan, get invested and stay invested!

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Dow Jones Industrial Avg (The Dow) since September 2022.

The Dow is a leading index of 30 large US stocks