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Michael Traxler Wealth Management, LLC

Is the Bull Market Showing Signs of Life?

Hello Again - Have the tides turned in the stock market?  It’s possible. You know as well as I do that we never know for sure, but we do watch the tea leaves for any hints.  We’ve been following the chart of the S&P 500 closely and I’m pleased to report that price has finally closed above the downtrend line the last 3 days in a row!  This is the first time since January 1st 2022 which is when the down trend started.  One other thing, our forward indicator using economic data has gone positive as well.  So as of right now, our indicators combined have changed from Red to Yellow.  I realize that’s not a full fledged Green, but, if you are on the sidelines waiting, or you have new long-term money to invest, then now’s the time to start paying attention and even putting money to work. You know how fast it can move, and if and when it starts to run upward, then ultimately you may end up chasing it higher and that’s no fun.

Call or email me and I can tell you what I think based on your situation.  We are taking new clients at this time.

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Chart of the S&P 500 – One of the most widely watched stock indexes that tracks 500 of the biggest company stocks in America.