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Michael Traxler Wealth Management, LLC

Interest Rates for Investors are Finally Rising!

Hello Again – Interest rates for investors and savers have been close to zero for years now, but that’s been changing…..and quickly.  This gives us more tools to utilize for our client’s accounts and their investment plans. This is great news, and it’s a return to normalcy in some odd sense.  It means the economy may actually be able to stand on its own two feet without requiring the steroids provided by the federal reserve. Long-term this is very promising.

Yes, rates are rising.  It hurts our current investments some, but it offers up new opportunities as well.  Right now I can see investments available like 2 year CDs at 4% plus, 5 year A rated corporate bonds at 5% plus, and even some A rated municipal bonds at 4-5% as well. Some are even higher. Please understand, rates like this have been practically non-existent for some time now.  This offers new tools for conservative money solutions, and we look forward to utilizing them where and when it makes sense.  Stay tuned.

Best Regards,