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Michael Traxler Wealth Management, LLC

Meet the Staff - Ernie Pepel

Hello Again - As many of you know, Laurie has retired, but she wanted us to tell everyone that she is feeling better than she was and she is grateful for all the prayers and well wishes.  We miss her and we pray she has a solid recovery.

Today I’d like to re-introduce Ernie Pepel.  Ernie comes from the automotive business and he started here in October 2019.  He has been here nearly 3 years now.  He passed the exam quickly to become an investment advisor and was licensed in spring 2020 right when stocks were covid crashing.  That was an interesting time to come on board, but he’s still here and doing great. 

Ernie is developing into a well-rounded advisor and he works with a lot of our new and mid-sized clients here.  We always work as a team and we talk daily, but he is the lead on a good number of client accounts and we’re adding more for him all the time.  Ernie is passionate about the business and he works on things like client reviews, account analysis, much of our trading, he also performs research, gives his client’s advice and works on various operating projects.  Ernie is in charge when I am out of the office. Ernie will keep improving and keep getting more clients here.  You can find Ernie’s bio at

We will introduce Colleen and Ted in coming weeks.

Our plan is to bring on another advisor at some point soon to take on new clients as well.  We have learned that one advisor can only give quality service to so many households, and taking on too many clients means service can suffer and we do not want that to happen.  For the service benefit of all of our clients we may need to do some re-assigning from time to time. It only makes sense and we will always communicate this ahead of time.

In the old days, getting into this business meant being given a phone book and a telephone, or a door knocking routine.  Here at Michael Traxler we’ve changed that. We have a career path for someone to come into the business, get trained, get licensed, and then work with clients.  It reduces the risk of getting into this business, and it’s a great career path for the right person!

 Best Regards,