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Our Financial Planning Services

Retirement Planning

Let's get this figured out:

  • Let's take a financial inventory - What are we starting with?
  • How much money will you need and when? Set goals.
  • What is a sound investment strategy to help reach those goals
  • What type of accounts to use (IRA, Roth, 401k, Joint acct)
  • When to take Social Security, Pensions and Medicare.
  • How much to draw from your nest egg in retirement and when.
  • Ideas to minimize your taxes

Investment Management

A custom investment strategy just for you:

  • What is your time horizon?
  • Should we be conservative, moderate or aggressive?
  • Are Stocks, Bonds, CDs, Mutual Funds, ETF, or Annuity best? Maybe some of each?
  • Are there any new technologies to be investing in? AI, etc.
  • Let's be diversified.
  • Let's keep costs down.
  • No sales commissions.
  • Always consider taxes.

Estate Planning Guidance

  • Do you have a will or a trust?
  • Which one is best for you?
  • Beneficiary choices are very important.
  • An attorney will give advice and draft documents.
  • We will help you see it through.

Ongoing Financial Advice

  • Review your life insurance, college planning, mortgage advice, etc.
  • Or maybe you just need someone to bounce ideas off?
  • We work for you, so give us a call to chat!

Rollovers & Transfer

When you decide to do business with us, moving your money to our firm may be alot easier than you think. We can personally assist you and make it happen smoothly and quickly. Call us to find out how!

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