Our Fees

Michael Traxler Wealth Management, LLC (MTWM) is a 100% fee-based Investment Advisor.  There is a small ticket charge of approximately $5/transaction to cover the cost of each trade made by the clearing firm, of which we receive none.  MTWM does not receive any commission on any trade made on behalf of our clients.  Our fees are structured solely as a percentage of the assets under management, and the fee rate declines on the entire amount as the amount of assets increases.  MTWM reserves the right to charge more or less than our scheduled rates depending on the client's circumstances.


Total Household Assets

$100,000  -  $249,999              1.1% annually

$250,000  -  $499,999              .95% annually

$500,000  - $999,999               .85% annually

$1Million  - $2Million                 .75% annually

$2Million - $5Million                  .70% annually

More than $5Million                   Contact us 


Note #1: All accounts held directly with the American Funds Custodian of Capital Bank and Trust, automatically are charged 1% annually. Therefore we try to move client assets from there over to our brokerage Cutodian TradePMR when the client's total household assets are more than $250,000 and the client can be paying less than 1% on all of their assets.

Note #2: All of our client 529 College America Plans held at American Funds Custodian Capital Bank and Trust incur no advisory fee.  This may change in the future.

Feel free to call or email us with any questions regarding our fee structure. Thank You


For a Complimentary Investment Review or Financial Planning Review,

Contact us at: 952-758-8060 or mike@traxlerwealth.com