Michael Traxler Wealth Management, LLC provides fiduciary financial advice from our offices in New Prague. Our mission is to help individual investors come up with a plan to achieve and enjoy retirement, as well as plan their estate.

Our Financial Planning Services

Retirement Planning.

Retirement doesn't have to be intimidating. We assess your current situation and assist you in creating a plan that makes you feel confident.

Investment Management.

Our advisors work with you to come up with an investment strategy, manage it for you, and also keep you current.

Estate Planning Guidance.

An estate plan is essential to protect your loved ones. We coordinate with an attorney to create a personalized plan.

Ongoing Financial Advice.

As a fiduciary we work for you. This means we are available to you for any financial advice you may need.

Why Choose Us?


We are a locally-owned and independent investment advisor. Our allegiance is to our clients, and not to some big-name brokerage firm or insurance company with offices far away. We work for YOU, and we want YOU to do well!


Our advisors are fiduciaries 100% of the time. This means we are required by law to put our client's interests first. We never sell products that pay us a commission. We get paid for our expertise and advice so that we do better when our clients do better!

Local & Accessible

Located on main street in New Prague, we have offices you can visit to meet with one of our advisors. Our hours are 8am - 4pm daily, and someone will answer the phone when you call. No more waiting on hold for the next digital response.

Competitive Rates

Our advisory fees are competitive. We don't have the expensive overhead that the bigger firms do. This means you can get quality financial advice at a very competitive rate while getting to keep more of what is rightfully yours.

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